Our story

Who are we?

Wombat Rescue Tasmania Inc. is a grassroots, self-funded community group, treating hundreds of wild wombats affected by sarcoptic mange Tasmania wide. We are dedicated to treating and preventing wombat mange because if left untreated, the wombats suffer a protracted death through secondary infections.


Wombat Rescue Tasmania (WRT) was formed originally by community members in Kelso and Greens Beach in 2016 in response to the horror of seeing mange ravage their once healthy wombat population.

Locals talk of the days, only a few years back, when it was a common sight to see 30 wombats in one paddock. Local Tasmanians, who loved to spend their holidays camping by the foreshore, have reminisced that you had to be careful not to trip over wombats on the way to the caravan park amenities block in the night. Sadly this is no longer the case due to mange, road deaths and lack of habitat.

Wombat Rescue is now state wide and seeks to work in collaboration with other organisations and private landowners to raise the issue of how widespread mange is and the suffering caused by the parasitic mange mite. Hundreds of burrow flaps have been installed and are maintained by WRT, which is the only group undertaking such a comprehensive commitment to treating mange-affected wombats in Tasmania.

Our goal is to treat identified cases, to monitor for outbreaks, and to encourage research into better treatments in order to prevent another population collapse as has happened at Narawntapu National Park, and at nearby Kelso and Greens Beach in the West Tamar region.

Wombat Rescue Tasmania Inc. has over 80 members, and is an approved Tax Deductible Recipient*, which means all donations over $2 are tax deductible.

*Charity ABN 96914501942 has Not-For-Profit Status as a Tax Deductible Gift Recipient

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